Noosa: A blogger’s paradise

Guest blogger - Friday, July 04, 2014
A blog about blogs? Why not? We recently welcomed The Remarkables to Noosa, a group of Australia’s top bloggers who write passionately about the things they love – food, travel, beauty, family etc.

Some were regular visitors to Noosa, some hadn’t been here for some time, and for others, it was their first time to Noosa.

From food, cocktails and accommodation to Noosa National Park walks, shopping, spa treatments, cooking classes, beach yoga, sunsets and breakfast right on Noosa Main Beach (pictured), one thing they seem to have in common – they all loved their trip to Noosa!

Here are links to just a few of their stories and photos that having been lighting up the blogosphere...
Styling You: Sunshine Coast Top Things to do.
Baby Mac: Great Day in Noosa.
Mr and Mrs Romance: The Ultimate Winter Getaway and Romance Recharge.

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A better use for golf balls

Noosa Blogger - Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Bubble, by Natura BisseBecause I can't even pretend to be interested in golf, I thought I'd share a different angle on the Australian PGA Championship, which is being held at the Hyatt Regency Coolum next week.

In honour of the annual influx of top golfers and golf fans, the resort's spa has launched a 'Quirogolf' massage, where you get massaged by golf balls. It's supposed to provide great release, through the rolling action of the balls -and it's got to be more enjoyable than chasing them around a golf course.

The spa is also bringing in an 'oxygen bubble', which will only be available next week. The dome-style structure apparently allows you to have a facial or body treatment while breathing in 99.99 per cent pure air, free of any pollutants, bacteria or allergens.

So, there you go, everything you ever wanted to know about golf!

Noosa Qld, Coolum Qld

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Winter sunshine

Noosa Blogger - Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Even though I'm a summer person, I really enjoy this time of year in Noosa. The mornings and evenings are chilly but the days are warm and clear, with big blue skies. It's been getting to about 22 degrees Celsius during the day and I keep finding excuses to go and sit in the sun when I should be doing something useful!

It's not swimming weather in my book (although the ocean is apparently about 23 degrees), but it's definitely the sort of weather where you feel like getting out and about for walks and bike rides and other outdoorsy things. I took this picture down at the river in Noosaville the other day, although I must confess I was drinking wine rather than doing anything active.

If you have good eyesight and look really closely, you can see some stand up paddle boarders coming down the river. That's another good thing to do at this time of year, so long as you don't fall in too often!

Noosa Qld

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Noosa wedding guide

Noosa Blogger - Monday, March 01, 2010

Wedding 3 Thought I'd point out this new Noosa wedding guide, in case you're thinking of getting married in Noosa (and hey, what a beautiful place to do it).

It saves you hunting around separately for a celebrant, venue, photographer, hairdresser and everything else you need, because they're now all on one site. There's an archive of real weddings that have been held in Noosa, if you're looking for ideas, and you can also click at the top of the page to look at Noosa accommodation options.

The wedding guide also includes contact details for local wedding planners, if you want someone else to do all the organisation for you. Personally, I reckon not having to do anything other than turn up and enjoy the day sounds like a marvellous plan!

Image courtesy Phill Jackson Photography


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