High flyers in Noosa

Jordie Smyth - Wednesday, October 07, 2015
You never know who's going to "drop in" on you in Noosa - Adventure Sports Kite Surf Australia recently hosted keen kite surfers Sir Richard Branson and his former Virgin Australia CEO Brett Godfrey on an adventure along Noosa's eastern beaches.

The two share more than kite surfing in common - they also own the secluded Makepeace Island in the Noosa River (pictured below), Sir Richard's "Australian home" where he stayed on his recent trip.

George (pictured below with Sir Richard), Fiona and their family from Adventure Sports Kite Surf Australia showcased Noosa's pristine coastal kite surfing paradise to the high flyers, as they enjoyed a "down-winder" from Stumers Creek at Coolum to Castaways Beach, just a few minutes from Noosa Heads.

Read more about Richard Branson's day with Adventure Sports Kite Surf Australia.

While a down-winder on Noosa's eastern beaches is for experienced kite boarders only, Adventure Sports Kite Surf Australia also offer introduction to kite boarding lessons (one on one or private group) at Lake Weyba which is perfectly flat and shallow for beginners, and progression sessions to help improve techniques or if you're a little rusty after winter. The next progression clinic will be held on 17 October - $75 for a full day of support and coaching.  

Adventure Sports Kite Surf Australia is an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certified training centre and they have a huge range of the latest equipment for sale or hire. Check out their great new big blue shop at 136 Eumundi Road, Noosaville!

Kite surfing images courtesy of Adventure Sports Kite Surf Australia.
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A marvellous day on Fraser Island

Jordie Smyth - Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The early bird catches the worm: After everyone was picked up from their accommodation around Noosa, we soaked up the beautiful morning atmosphere at 6.30am on the cable ferry crossing between Tewantin and Noosa North Shore, on our way to World Heritage listed Fraser Island - the world's largest sand island.

Our warrior for the day, ‘Xena’, also known as the ‘mother of the bus fleet’! Our driver and guide for the day was Dave - you definitely need good driving skills to control one of these warrior buses on the deep sand of Fraser Island.

The journey to Fraser Island was an adventure in itself. Every now and then we passed other adventurers on our way to the Island...
...or campers... Many of the people we saw along the ‘Sand Highway’ were earlybirds like us, doing early-morning ocean fishing. Dave told us some of Australia’s best fish such as trevally, snapper, whiting, flathead, tuna and more can be caught here.

After we passed the Coloured Sands of the Great Sandy National Park and beautiful Rainbow Beach where we had a short stop, we reached the northern gateway to Fraser Island, or K'gari, as the local indigenous people, the Butchulla, know it. With a second ferry we crossed over to the world’s largest sand island and even had the chance to hop out of our warrior on-board the ferry to look out for dolphins and get a breath of fresh ocean air.

Once we reached Fraser Island, we knew why the drivers need to be trained for these trips. I was happy to be sitting in our big warrior truck and not in a small 4WD when we had to negotiate our way around large tree trunks. Dave assured us it is all about waiting for the right moment as the waves flow back before you make it through the gap between water and branches!

Here we go...

Time for morning tea! Dave served coffee, tea and yummy muffins that had been picked up from a bakery that morning. We also tasted traditional Australian lamingtons (for international visitors who may never have tasted a "lammie", it's a sponge cake covered in chocolate icing and desiccated coconut. YUM!  It was fun driving on the island's bumpy sand roads and really test Xena's great suspension. Look out for the island’s iconic dingoes on the tracks.

We reached Lake McKenzie around lunchtime and swam in the crystal-clear water, feeling the fine, white sand between our toes. Apparently the water makes you look 5 years younger and your jewellery look brand-new ;-) We also learned that the powdered sand is a great no-cost skin peel!

After a relaxed hour at the lake, a delicious lunch was waiting for us! The Discovery Group catered with super fresh ingredients for wraps and were even prepared for people preferring to eat gluten-free.

We worked off lunch with a rainforest walk through magnificent wilderness - we could even move trees after our hearty lunch! There is not the slightest chance of hugging one of these giant trees with less than five people joining hands.

We discovered this fellow in the woods! Fraser Island is the place in the world where rainforests grow on sand dunes and it's home to an impressive array of flora and fauna, including a myriad of birds and goanna.

Lush rainforest and quaint crystal-clear streams under the giant canopy.

After a big day with so many memories to take home, we enjoyed an idyllic evening atmosphere on the ferry back to Inskip Point and travelled through picturesque hinterland back towards Noosa. On our way home we even spotted some grazing kangaroos. What a perfect day!

The Discovery Group has tours from Noosa to Fraser Island. Or call the Noosa Visitor Information Centre on 1 3000 NOOSA (in Australia) or +61 7 5430 5000 (outside Australia).
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Hot music and cool vibes at Noosa Jazz Festival

Sue Mikkelsen - Thursday, September 03, 2015

The first weekend in spring means 2 things in Noosa – Father’s Day and the Noosa Jazz Festival. If your dad loves music, you’re sorted! A ticket to the Noosa Jazz Festival for Father’s Day will cover it all!

The 24th Noosa Jazz Festival kicks off this Thursday 3 September and plays through until Sunday with fantastic music from Wendy Matthews, Darren Percival, Colleen Hewett, Emma Pask and plenty more - SEE THE SCHEDULE.

Festival Village at Noosa Heads Lions Park has been transformed into a stylish picnic ground with jazz bands on the main stage by Noosa River, master classes, food and market stalls, kids’ games – even croquet and lounges!

The music is diverse, with a variety of forms of jazz, blues, folk, amazing school bands, a talent search and plenty more. Just as diverse are the venues – apart from Festival Village there are also jazz river cruises, intimate performances in restaurants around town including Rococo, Cafe Le Monde, Crawdaddy's, Miss Moneypenny's and in Laguna Arcade, music in the streets, and you can hear from the artists at the legends lunch series.

The opening parade is a fun and vibrant event down Hastings Street on Friday from noon, right before the legendary Tastings on Hastings which transforms the famous shopping street into a massive outdoor restaurant with some of Hastings Street’s best restaurants serving up.

If you’re heading to the festival this weekend, park at Noosa Junction bus station and catch a local bus to the nearby Festival Village or take a Noosa Ferry to Hastings Street from one of several stops between Noosa Marina at Tewantin, Noosaville and Noosa Heads.

Noosa Jazz Festival tickets are priced from $30 for adult day ticket and season passes available. If your dad loves jazz, a Father’s Day Pack will be a great treat - $65 for 2 adults and 2 children in Festival Village this Sunday 6 September.

For more information, see
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Tasty Noosa

Sue Mikkelsen - Wednesday, June 24, 2015
We really are spoilt when it come to tastes in Noosa - from award-winning 5-star dining and beachfront cocktails to a good old-fashioned bakery pie or a burger with the works. And it's not just the cuisine we're spoilt with - the destination is half the fun of deciding where to go.

Take a seat with a gorgeous view along a beach strip or Noosaville's own “Eat Streets” along the river on Gympie Terrace and Thomas Street, cosy up at a country cafe, warm up by a fireplace, watch the action on Hastings Street, indulge at a festive degustation, treat yourself with a holiday ice cream or find your favourite freshly roasted coffee beans for a warming cup to keep you going. We even have Wonder-nuts - gourmet doughnuts injected with chocolate and caramel!

We're blessed to be surrounded by fresh produce on tap - With the Noosa River, fertile countryside and Coral Sea at our doorstep, local eateries love to serve fare that is fished, farmed and produced in the Noosa region.

With fresh food in abundance and no shortage of scenic spots, a picnic in the warm winter sun is as easy as picking up a hamper from a gourmet deli or filling your basket at a weekend market.

There are some new tastes on the block including Betty Burgers & Concrete Co (no relation to the famous Betty's Burgers that visitors from years ago will know, but named after another lovely lady named Betty) is a classic new burger shack on Hastings Street, serving mouth-watering burgers.

Read about a long-time Noosa favourite, Sails Restaurant in a review by journalist Tiana Templeman who droped in for lunch at Sails, right on the beachfront on Noosa Main Beach and discovered the regionally inspired food, glorious beach views and friendly service that leave diners smiling. READ THE REVIEW HERE.

CLICK HERE for more Noosa taste inspiration.
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The other side of Noosa

Guest blogger - Thursday, April 09, 2015

By guest blogger Liz Bond - This Magnificent Life

Today, it’s hard not to visit a beach and see some Stand Up Paddle boarders (SUP’ers) enjoying their sport on the fringe of the surf riders. Or better still, seeing an early morning SUP’er on a quiet river or canal going through their daily core exercise.

The urban myth is that SUP’ing is as old and traditional as surfing, originating in Hawaii generations ago.

That’s only half true.

The reality is that Stand Up Paddle boarding is a modern phenomenon, emerging from the surf of Waikiki in the 1950 and 60’s. When the famous surf classic, Buffalo’s Big Board Classic at Makaha, first included SUP as a category, the sport took off, capturing the public’s imagination. The rest, as they say, is history.

SUP’ers are generally the fittest people you will meet.

Just like swimming, paddle boarding is an all-body workout. It strengthens your core and stabilization system, requiring your connective tissue to generate power through your hands and out your feet. It’s great for stamina and improving balance. As a result your legs, arms and torso are forced to work in unison. It truly is a magnificent sport for overall fitness.

SUP Noosa is Noosa’s original Stand Up Paddle board outlet. Hayden Stintman is a SUP evangelist. His love of the sport is contagious, his knowledge is second to none, and he’s a nice guy as well! Haydyn took TML for a quick lesson a few weeks ago. We were amazed at how much fun this sport can be and how much of a workout your body gets. (You really will discover muscles you never knew you had!)

SUP Noosa is in the perfect location whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned professional. Right on the (relatively) quiet banks of the Noosa River, you can stay close to shore or take off for an adventure in either direction, either upriver or towards the ocean.

What first comes to mind when you think of Noosa Heads on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast? If you said a strip of ultra-cool boutiques, award-winning restaurants and luxury holiday accommodation you would be right. If you said it was the jumping-off point for one of the most magnificent wilderness areas in Australia you would also be right.

Just a few minutes away from all the low-key glamour of Hastings Street at Noosaville you can jump aboard a Noosa Everglades Discovery boat to start delighting in a relaxing cruise through a pristine eco-system with the biggest variety of native bird species in Australia.

For the fact obsessed: Over 44% of all Australia’s birds species reside within the Noosa Everglades and 700 native animals and 1,365 plant species call it home. The Noosa River system combines with the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park to make a haven for both endangered and more common species. The Noosa River is Australia’s only river system with its entire upper catchment protected in National Park.

A winner of a Qantas Tourism Award in 2008 the Discovery Group aim to please. The cruise is ideal for those who don’t like organised tours or of you’re a backpacker, couple or family. This cruise provides endless opportunities  to capture some truly remarkable photos for the iPhone photographer or professional.

Favoured with Noosa’s usual February weather of cloudless cornflower skies and little or no breeze, our cruise left Noosaville and within minutes we had seen cormorants, pelicans and herons as well as the more rare Kite soaring overhead. The Everglades are not just picturesque they are spectacular with the constantly changing landscape turning from mangroves to large expanses, mud islands, wetlands and narrow waterways.

The still waters of the narrow reaches make for astounding reflections. Then open water and endless water lilies. You can say goodbye to the boat for a while after a cuppa to take a paddle in a canoe upstream to our barbecue lunch spot at historic Harry’s Hut. This is one of the sites of the early timber cutting industry. After lunch is the perfect time to cool off in the river.

As the afternoon light changes so do the photo opps with different birds and stretches of silver water. This is an experience not to be missed – away from the surf beaches and the cafes. Who knew this paradise was so close?

CLICK HERE to read the full blog on This Magnificent Life. 

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Reflections Of A Noosa Summer

Guest blogger - Friday, March 13, 2015

By Noosa-based blogger My Ocean Bliss

It's autumn already and not that that's a bad thing. We are surrounded by absolutely bliss pretty much all year round here at beautiful Noosa. I do however find myself not quite ready to leave another summer behind me yet. So before I embrace all that autumn has to offer, I'd like to share some of the splendour and bliss of my Noosa Summer. 

Little Cove, Noosa Heads. 

I always plan to do much more over summer than I actually do! The truth is I just can't drag myself away from the stunning turquoise ocean here at Noosa and the bliss it brings to our life. It is my 'happy place', the location that rejuvenates my body and soul for the year ahead. Being connected to the ocean throughout summer is what you call a spiritual existence for my family. It is more than just days at the beach. It is by the ocean that we come together as a family, catch up with dear friends, and meet new friends from within our town, all over our great country and indeed the world. We watch and photograph many a perfect wave, sunrise and sunset, immerse ourselves in the divine salty sea, surf, surf, surf and forget about our cares and worries of the world. 

First Point, Noosa Heads.

Surfer chit-chat inbetween waves... 

Sitting under the cooling shade of a Pandanus tree, watching and photographing family and friends catching perfect little summer sliders and being surrounded by the beautiful summer turquoise waters of Noosa is my ultimate stay-cation. Our lazy summer days often roll on into blissful balmy evenings and impromptu gatherings. A discussion to decide 'who brings what' results in a spur of the moment picnic dinner at one of the tables along First Point. This way the family gets to catch every available wave until the very last ray of light bounces off the water (which sometimes even transitions into moon light) and we all get to bask in the delight of another gorgeous setting sun. 

With sand in our toes, salt in our hair and feeling of complete contentment, we make our way home in the dark and plan the day and time that we do it all again. As busy as our little town gets and as packed as First Point becomes over summer, I just wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world. 

First Point, Noosa Heads looking towards Noosa Main Beach. 

The turquoise coloured waters of Noosa...  

So now we are welcoming awesome autumn to Noosa with the world famous Noosa Festival of Surfing, but that my dear friends is a whole other fabulous story! 

Noosa Main Beach, Noosa Heads. 

Sending much bliss, Heather

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Toes in the sand for Noosa Festival of Surfing

Sue Mikkelsen - Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Surfing legends, old guys, gals, tandem surfers and even dogs have made Noosa beach their home this week for the Noosa Festival of Surfing. It’s referred to as “8 days of pure stoke”, “a party on the beach” and “a celebration of the spirit of surfing”, and these sum up pretty well why the Noosa Festival of Surfing holds such a special spot in the hearts of surfers.

The event, now the world’s biggest surf festival, brings more than 600 competitors and their families to Noosa from around Australia, USA, France, Brazil, NZ, Portugal, Japan, China, Vanuatu and other countries to surf Noosa’s perfect small point breaks – very small so far which has meant some competition has been moved further along the beach, although we’ve been promised the swell will pick up in the next day or two.

The small swell on opening day suited some events, with tandem surfing and the popular dog surfing providing plenty of fun for spectators – and with competitors including #TeamPatches and #TeamHugsley, there’s no shortage of cute Noosa dog surfing photos around (you might also like this blog from The Wandering Lens). Also on opening day, the Magoo Memorial Paddle Out, in honour of the late “father of the festival” Barry ‘Magoo’ McGuigan, and the traditional blessing of waters beautifully represented the spirit of the surfing culture.

The focus for action out of the waves is festival village, right on Noosa’s Main Beach which has a fun vibe, with toes in the sand as you watch the competition, look through the surf expo, and in the afternoons grab a cool drink from the Beach Bar, then listen to free live music and watch surf movies as the sun goes down.

You’re likely to bump into 7-times world surfing champion Layne Beachley, 4-times world champion Mark Richards, current world longboard champ Harley Ingleby, legendary surfboard designer Bob McTavish or Ironman Matt Poole among the crowds who are in Noosa to take part and soak up the surf vibe. The Legends Exhibition on Saturday afternoon, 14 March is sure to be a stunning display of skill.

A longboarding event at its heart, the festival started in 1998, growing from the Noosa Malibu Classic and retains its spirit of camaraderie among competitors, many of whom return year after year with their families. The Family Challenge which started with mums or dads and their kids competing now has several teams which include grandchildren.

The program includes amateur and professional events for juniors through to over 70s, and has been expanded over the years to include events such as the Womp Comp, teams and tandem, stand-up paddling, a wave dog master class, and new this year is the Waterman Weekend which pits former rivals, “clubbies” and “surfies” against each other in a celebration of all forms of wave riding.

Still to come in the water this week are the logger pro final, nose rider, Joel Tudor’s Invitational, old mal rounds, teams challenge, junior longboarders, and always a colourful spectacle, the Little Humid Costume Party on 13 March (pictured left).

Out of the water, there’s live music and movie screenings on the beach including Behind the Tide; the premiere of 8 Days of Pure Stoke, a documentary about the Noosa Festival of Surfing and the history of surfing in Noosa, filmed by Panga Productions and presented by Layne Beachley; and a movie night with Thomas Campbell and Joel Tudor.

I’m looking forward to the screening on Wednesday evening, 11 March of a trailer for a new movie, Beyond Sight, about blind Brazilian surfer Derek Rabelo’s journey to fulfil his dream to surf Pipeline in Hawaii. Derek will give a display of his amazing skills in Noosa at 5.30pm and will talk about the movie.

The festival is also raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation which helps grant wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

The Noosa Festival of Surfing is celebrating the dedication of the Noosa National Surfing Reserve, giving all beach users a voice in protecting this natural wonder for the future. Noosa is the 19th reserve to be dedicated and was described by National Surfing Reserve co-founder Brad Farmer as the “jewel in the crown”. The reserve takes in all surf breaks from the Noosa River mouth to the northern end of Sunshine Beach, including the famous point breaks in and around Noosa National Park – a beautiful part of Australia’s coastline well worth appreciating and preserving.

The Noosa Festival of Surfing has surfing action and live music every day until Saturday 14 March and there’s live music at Cafe Le Monde, including the Surf Stomp closing party.

See Surf Shots Noosa for more great photos from the festival.

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A Trip up the River: The Beautiful Noosa Everglades

Guest blogger - Monday, December 22, 2014
By guest blogger Tom Woods

I recently had the privilege of travelling up the beautiful Noosa River on-board The Discovery Group's boat to the Noosa Everglades - it's probably one of the best "hidden secrets" of the Noosa region.

The voyage north started at The Discovery Jetty on Gympie Terrace, in the heart of Noosaville and only 5 minutes from Hastings Street and Noosa Heads. From the moment I arrived, I was met with outstanding service from the staff and boat skipper Ben. We made our way past Noosa Marina and Sir Richard Branson's Makepeace Island, and crossed Lake Cooroibah and Lake Cootharaba, all at impressive speed.

The skipper filled us with interesting facts, information and even an old folk story which was one of the many highlights of the trip. Once we reached the mystical tannin waters of the Noosa Everglades, we were greeted with amazing views in this part of the Great Sandy National Park that teems with wildlife.

The voyage then reached the single most picturesque part of the Noosa River, the Narrows. Here are just a few of the images I captured along the way.

Looking south on Lake Cootharaba.

Between Lake Cooroibah and Cootharaba

This cheeky little dude tried to steal our afternoon tea!

The stunning Narrows, on the way to Harry’s Hut.

Moored at Harry’s Hut jetty.

Eastward view of Lake Cootharaba.

Harry’s Hut, marked by this sign on the wharf.

The way to Lake Como.

The tannin waters of the Everglades... in the Narrows.

Ahhh, what a perfect view...

The mystical Noosa Everglades in all its glory - easy to see how they earned the name ‘river of mirrors’.

The Noosa Everglades is an absolutely breath-taking place and one of only two everglades systems in the world - these are the only everglades you can swim in. If you go, make sure you take a camera and don’t forget to #visitnoosa.

There's a range of ways to discover the Noosa Everglades - from the comfort of a half-day boat cruise from Noosaville to a self-guided canoeing and camping safari.  

Noosa Everglades Discovery offers a BBQ lunch cruise, afternoon cruise with pick-up from Hastings Street and Noosaville, Bar-B-Canoe day tour; and a 3-day/2-night self-guided canoeing and camping safari.

Kanu Kapers offers half, full-day and 2 and 3-day guided kayaking tours or take yourself on a 1, 2 or 3-day self-guided kayaking adventure and camp in this unspoilt winderness.

For more information please call the Noosa Visitor Information Centre on 1 3000 NOOSA (within Australia) or 07 5430 5000 (outside Australia), email or see
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Reality Bites with words of love in Noosa hinterland

Guest blogger - Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Sunshine Coast-based writer Tanya Overson counts down to the Reality Bites Festival, Australia’s premier non-fiction literary festival which gets under way in the Noosa hinterland this week.

It’s spring and this writer’s fancy is turning to thoughts of love … and history, nature, crime and intrigue. Yes, it’s that time of year when ‘Reality Bites’ – and I’m off to the best little literary festival around. I have been every year since its humble beginnings seven years ago in the Noosa hinterland.

For four days I’m going to indulge myself totally in concepts, lessons, passions and information. If you haven’t seen the program yet, check out the Reality Bites website or find a copy at the Noosa Visitor Information Centre in Hastings Street, Noosa Heads, and take your pick of the choice morsels of literary delicacies on offer. If you can’t decide, just grab a festival pass and make your mind up on the day.

The festival starts on Thursday 23 October with a series of workshops. This year I’m taking one by poet and master of words, Mark Tredinnick. Reality Bites workshops are a favourite of mine: for a fraction of the price of a big city event I can learn from the greats of the craft and travel no further than Cooroy Library, so close to Noosa Heads.

This is the first year that the bulk of the festival is being held in beautiful historic Eumundi, with sessions split between the gorgeous Green Room (upstairs in the Lionheart Hotel) and the School of Arts, five minutes’ walk away past Eumundi's high street.

Spend Friday getting into sessions about Real Love and adding to your library at the festival bookshop, then linger for fabulous food from the Green Room kitchen and sip a glass or two of red and experience the Poet’s Speakeasy.

On Saturday you’ll need to hit the Eumundi Markets early because festival sessions begin at 9am. If you miss Maxine McKew’s literary lunch this Friday at Noosa Springs, Saturday is your chance to join her (pictured left) for a champagne breakfast and hear what she has to say about our education system. I’ll be having coffee in the Green Room, hearing what John Birmingham has to say about self-publishing. I’m also eager to hear his discussion later that day with Domenico Cacciola, the decorated ‘straight cop’ from Queensland’s pre-Fitzgerald era.

Locals welcome visiting authors on Saturday night when festival organisers also award their annual True Story Award, listen to invited guest Keelen Mailman (pictured right) give the festival address, then we get stuck into the great food and conversation, swap ideas, and party on.

The event finishes on Sunday 26 October with another day in which we are spoilt for choice. I’m looking forward to Remembering Madness, when ABC Local Radio's Mary-Lou Stephens talks with Mandy Sayer, Kristy Chambers and Will Elliot about their experience of pervasive mental illness. After that I'll indulge in some sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll with veteran music journalist Toby Cresswell who will be Talking Smack with rock journalist Andrew McMillen.

If pertinent issues and beautiful words excite you, there’s nowhere better to be in the last weekend of October. I can’t wait.

Package tickets and online savings are available till 22 October, but you can buy tickets at the door from $20/$15. For more information visit the website or call the box office on 07 5447 7063.

Tanya Overson is a Sunshine Coast-based writer. In 2009, Nen, the first book of her fictional trilogy, was short-listed for the Arts Queensland-funded Regional Writes manuscript development program.
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Music with a view in Noosa

Sue Mikkelsen - Friday, August 29, 2014
How do you like your music – with a touch of jazz, indie rock, pop, opera, world beat, country, Irish, surf sounds or from the voice of an angel? With Noosa’s gorgeous surrounds as inspiration for performers, it’s no wonder that we are spoilt for choice every week with live music around the region – from surf club decks to a Greek- style amphitheatre on the shores of Lake Macdonald and the interior of Australia’s longest continuously operating movie theatre.

One of Noosa’s major annual events, the Noosa Jazz Festival kicks off next Thursday 4 September in the riverside Noosa Heads Lions Park for 4 days of great music with Vince Jones, Steve Clisby, Emma Pask, Grace Knight, Gallapagos Duck and dozens more. It’ll be one big picnic with croquet on the lawns, river cruises, Legends Series, Tastings on Hastings and a great atmosphere. 

Legend James Morrison is in Noosa during the festival, appearing at lunch and dinner shows at berardo’s restaurant & bar in Hastings St, and there are side shows in venues including Rococos, Noosa Springs Resort, RACV Noosa Resort, Cafe le Monde, Miss Moneypenny’s, Noosa Blue Resort and The J.

Running at the same time is the Noosa Jazz Party for lovers of classic jazz at Bicentennial Hall, Sunshine Beach each night from 4-7 September. Some of Australia’s best jazz musicians come to Noosa for this event for nightly jam sessions and dancing – New Orleans in Noosa, Bob Barnard, Dan Barnett, Jo Bloomfield, John Braben, Geoff Bull, Nigel Date and Paris-based jazz singer Tricia Evy.

This Sunday 31 August is Opera in the Amphitheatre in a Greek-style amphitheatre on the shores of Lake Macdonald, Corooy, about 20 minutes from Noosa. It’s set in the Noosa Botanic Gardens and is a stunning outdoor setting to hear songs from popular opera, musicals and Italian songs, presented by Operatif. 

Also this weekend is the sold-out performance by Katie Noonan at the historic Majestic Theatre in Pomona in the Noosa hinterland. The Majestic, Australia’s longest continuously operating movie theatre, brings excellent acts to the region and regularly screens silent movies.

If you prefer great Aussie indie music, the countdown’s on to the first all-ages Originals Music Festival on Saturday 13 September at Noosa AFL Grounds, Noosaville with Ash Grunwald and Scotty Owen and Andy Strachan from The Living End, Sticky Fingers, Kingswood, Bonjah, OKA and more. It’s brought to you by East Coast Originals who also present the monthly Peregian Originals (second Sunday of each month) and Cooroy Originals (fourth Sunday of each month) outdoor concerts, with a great line-up of original live music each time.

Rock and Roll Outlaw Angry Anderson headlines the live music line-up at the Noosa Country Show (12 and 13 September) with an Allstar band featuring some Party Boys and Mondo Rock bassist Paul Christie. The Noosa Country Show, with side show alley, Grand Parades, animals, craft, fireworks, rodeo and more, has a 2-day entertainment line-up.

For country music lovers, the Gympie Music Muster, just 40 minutes from Noosa, has great music, food and camping this weekend in Amamoor Creek State Forest Park. There’s a bus from Noosa and you can see artists including Kasey Chambers, Josh Pyke, Adam Harvey, Russell Morris, Sara Storer, Brian Cadd, Glen Shorrick, Lee Kernaghan and dozens more.

There are plenty more venues and cafes with a great variety of live music each week, including Cafe Le Monde; Bohemian Bungalow and Imperial Hotel (which recently hosted Australian indie legends Ed Kuepper and Steve Kilby) in Eumundi; Noosa Heads, Sunshine Beach and Coolum Beach surf clubs; Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club; Harbour Wine Bar at Noosa Marina; KB’s; Noosa Beach House; Dragon Bull Restaurant and berardo’s restaurant.

So if you like great music with a beautiful view or cool atmosphere, make sure you check out live music in Noosa each week.
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